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During the latter half of the 21st century, a limited nuclear exchange between two South American republics caused the destruction of the earth as we know it. At the stroke of midnight, during the summer solstice, the life energies of twenty million men women and children flooded through the earth's core. These energies, doubled once by the hour and again by the solstice, ripped apart the barriers that held the waning magical energies of the earth in check and a tsunami of energy cascaded across the surface of the region. Within a matter of minutes, retaliatory strikes from the neighbors of the two original republics added the energies of hundreds of millions of more innocent people crackled into the world unbounded. Feeding an unknown network of energy (called Ley Lines), and ripping the very fabric of time and space asunder, monstrous demons and mythical creatures flooded through these "Rifts" and preyed upon a helpless humanity.

It is now three hundred years after the end of this dark time and humanity still only has the frailest grasp upon their own existence, as inhuman monsters flood through new rifts on a daily basis. Magic, monsters, and mayhem are all real and living on Rifts Earth.

Won't you come and play too?


9/9/00: We've Returned. Here's Troubleshooter we hope you enjoy!.


Last Chance Weaponry: Get more bang for your Universal credits!
The Renfield: A Hunting Lodge- Rifts Style
Last Chance Miscellaneous Equipment: Those little extras that can make the difference between being good and dead and alive and the best!
Last Chance Techno-Wizard Weaponry: For you TW lovers out there.
Monsters and NPCs: Beasts and Fiends o' plenty....
Bio-Tanium: The living metal.
New Magic: The name says it all.
The Secret Files of Last Chance: Dare to find out what's hidden here?
Troubleshooters: Need Gaming advice? Ask Us.

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